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August 21, 2013

We asked Emma to share her Top iPhone Apps

“I admit it; I have heart palpitations if I can’t find my iPhone. The only person more emotionally attached to my phone is my daughter (chatting to siri on a daily basis!). I embrace technology, but still have a foot in the past –writing with pencils and not quite breaking the habit of printing documents to mark changes!

meeting apps

Last week, I was thinking how much my phone has changed my life… How much it helped when I was running late to a meeting: LinkedIn in the cab for a quick background profile, my Calendar for the address, Google Maps to find the office and SlideShark to deliver our credentials. My business life has been transformed with remote access to nearly everything I need.

So, I thought it would be great to share from personal experience the iOS apps in my life that make my world easier on a daily basis.”

_Find iPhoneMake sure you set up FindmyiPhone. My 2 year old has a game of putting my phone in random places; which, combined with my habit of putting my phone on silent is a disastrous combination. Find iPhone has saved me on several occasions. Before you can use it to locate your devices, you need to set up iCloud and turn on FindiPhone on each of your iOS devices.

disturbSchedule Do Not Disturb. I used to put my phone on silent every night. Which would mean in the morning nobody could get hold of me as I forgot to turn it back on. Settings / Notifications / Do Not Disturb/ Scheduled – automatically sets your phone to silent and turns it back on again at the times you choose i.e. 10pm – 6am. The best bit: you can still allow calls from ‘favorites’ or repeated calls (a 2nd call from the same person within 3 minutes) will not be silenced in case of an emergency.

gocatchGoCatch is now the best thing about catching a cab. GoCatch shows you all the cabs immediately available in your area, then tracks the location of you and your driver on the map in real time – showing how far away they are as well connecting you so you can talk or message directly. You can also pay from your phone and the driver emails you the invoice.

cheapparkingCheap Parking spots in the city – What’s not to love?! The world needs more apps like this!

evernoteI love Evernote. The interface is beautiful and the visual structure means I can find whatever I want when I need it. Key to my ambition of a work/life balance is the ability to work wherever I am – with it syncing across my iPhone, iPad and laptop. Evernote gives me the ability to do this.

linkedinLinkedin as I mentioned in the conference survival blog [] LinkedIn is an invaluable networking tool. I look up people before going into a meeting/networking event so I have latest updates about them.

slidesharkSlideShark is the ultimate tool for delivering PowerPoint on an iPad. SlideShark app for the iPhone means you can use the phone as a ‘clicker’ – allowing you more flexibility when presenting from your iPad.

snapseedSnapSeed – The editing options with Instagram are great – however, sometimes I don’t want to publish the photo online. That’s why SnapSeed is perfect, allowing you to edit and manipulate your photos and then share and distribute your image in the channels of your choice.

flashlightI use Flashlight this every day to tuck the kids in, find the keys in my handbag, or coming home late and not waking up the whole house with the main lights on. A very powerful light – just don’t leave it on by mistake!

Thanks Emma. Keep posted for our best iPad apps. We’ll feature those soon and please let us know your favourite iPhone app – we’d love to know about them!

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