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Managers & Executives.

As an executive, thought leader or senior manager, you are constantly presenting. Be it budget approvals, town halls, keynotes or team meetings, there is always something you are asked to communicate.

We hear you! With this in mind, we have developed some valuable tools to assist. We offer training to hone your presenting skills, content experts to help build a persuasive story, and expert design to bring it all together.  

We'll ensure you are remembered for all the right reasons. 

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Learn How to Deliver a Presentation
Comms Skills Training

Strategy & Structure.

Keys to communication

Getting people on the same page is sometimes difficult. Especially if you're wanting to make a big announcement or trying to rally the troops to drive momentum. That's why our Insight Sessions give you a chance to gather key stakeholders, form a united structure, and create buy-in with objective and purpose. Let our strategists and content writers use the session to craft your persuasive story that everyone believes in!

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Speaker Coaching.

When delivery matters

The presenting speaker's secret weapon. Our speaker coaches will give you the confidence and methods to deliver with impact. Our one-on-one coaching or group sessions are perfect for finessing your skills before the big day.

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Present with confidence
PPT Presentation Design


Centre stage

Keynotes are a big deal. And as a keynote speaker, you are expected to share insights, inspire and influence a crowd. A great storyteller takes their audience on a journey from beginning to end, leaving them with a clear message and call to action. No pressure! 

Our expert writers will help you craft that journey playing true to your personal tone of voice and specific message.  Our design wizards will then take your content and bring your message to life on the big screen.  From TED to Town Hall, we'll help you unlock the key to your keynote. 

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Event Services.

All together now

Events demand a narrative to ensure a cohesive theme and message. Our audience-centric approach to building consistent stories ensures the audience feels the full impact of your event objective. 

Our dedicated content team are experts in: 

  • Event strategy, messaging and structure
  • Theming, presentation writing, and design
  • Speaker training and coordination
  • Onsite management/amends and file checking

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Events Services

Presentation training courses
for teams

Storytelling, Speaker Coaching or PowerPoint.

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Raise the game.

Gain your competitive edge


More and more individuals and businesses are realising the power of presentations. Drop us a line and chat with one of our content experts - start crafting your persuasive story today!