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May 3, 2017

Tame your event stress (and keep your hair)

Producing and managing events and big presentations has so many variables, which can go wrong at any given time, that the thought is enough for many of us to start shedding hair.

We’ve been there many times too! And we’ve learned a lot of things in that process, including what NOT to do. So to alleviate that stress (and help you keep your hair) we’ve compiled these 5 top tips to help you manage your next event.

1. Invest in your presentation

Businesses pour a great deal of funds into events, like the venue, food and facilities. Yet, too often, they forget just how crucial it is to spend that same effort on the presentations.

Your presentation is the real reason everyone is coming together, it’s not for the cranberry and brie sandwiches!

So make sure you invest the time to create something that attracts and connects with your audience long after the lingering on their tastebuds.

2. Be selective about your speakers

There is nothing more awkward than a weak speaker presenting to a sea of blank faces.

Don’t choose a presenter just because they hold a senior position. You want a brilliant speaker, someone who can inspire and grip your audience from the minute they step onto the podium.

Choose a speaker who you know can deliver, and don’t be afraid to be as picky as you need to be.

3. Connect with your audience

The only way to reach your audience, and truly influence them into action, is to take them on an enthralling journey with you.

Your event can be filled with the tastiest treats, and the comfiest seats, but if your presentations are boring, the whole event will be a waste.

Focus on creating a presentation that can tell a story, pull on everyone’s heartstrings and secure you a standing ovation.

4. Prepare, prepare, prepare

When presenters are not prepared, they’re more likely to doubt themselves, and start trying to make last minute changes in an attempt to appease their nerves.

This causes chaos for the event manager! It also wrecks havoc with the presenter’s ongoing confidence, not to mention ruins the impact of the event.

Prepare your presentation, repeat, repeat, repeat. The more you know your presentation the better your delivery will be.

5. Bring in the experts if you’re not sure

If you still have doubts about what you’re putting together then don’t dwell on it.

Help is always on hand at Presentation Studio. We can guide you through the full presentation journey from conception to delivery.


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