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May 31, 2016

Learn how to write your next Sales Presentation or Business Pitch

Competing in an RFP?

Here’s what everyone else will write:

  1. All about their company: years in business, number of offices, _??Our team_?? smiling headshots and long, long resumes.
  2. Reasons why their company is the best _?_ peppered with buzz words like _??innovation_??, _??collaboration_?? and the latest and greatest _??disruption_??.
  3. Answers to specific RFP outcomes in the _??all about us_?? tone of voice.

This approach isn’t _??wrong_?? – when blurred by emotion our first response is always clichͩ. Because it represents a huge business opportunity we become emotional and panicked. A state known as _??Pitch Haze._?? Our mind grabs the easy answer first, which is based on what we’ve always done thus what everyone else is doing.

How to stand out

Would you like to be _??sold to_?? or hear a story?

Telling a story does more than engage and entertain _?_ it creates inception. Research from Princeton University[i] found a story was the only way to activate parts of the brain where the listener turns the story into their own idea and experience. Thus, when information is structured into a story, people deduce the key message, take it on board and make it their own.

When we watch a movie, we reflect what the character is doing back onto ourselves _?_ _??I do that_?? / _??I should do that._??  Children’s television is a shining example; God bless The Wiggles for teaching children that Fruit Salad is _??Yummy, Yummy_?? and to buckle up in the Big Red Car.

Dare to be different. If your RFP is simply, _??telling someone what you want them to know_?? _?_ it will have little impact. We’ve all become immune to the hard sell.

Tell a story _?_ don’t be afraid they won’t get it. As Hollywood Screenwriting Guru, Robert McKee, says, _??Never underestimate the intelligence of your audience._??[ii] Create inception. There’s no greater competitive advantage than your decision maker feeling like it’s their idea to award you the deal.


Want more tips on overcoming Pitch Haze?

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[i] Wildrich, L 2012, _??The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains_?? Lifehacker, May 12, 2012, link.
[ii] McKee, R 1999, Story: Substance, style and the principles of screenwriting, Methuen, London.

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