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July 13, 2012

Review: iPad Presentation Apps – Slideshark for PowerPoint

Over the past few months there has been a significant number of improvements made to SlideShark so we thought that we would follow up to share the features of the latest versions and the key things that you need to be aware of when using it for your business presentations.

SlideShark App version 1.7- PowerPoint Presentations on the iPad

You can view and show PowerPoint presentations on the iPad through the SlideShark App.
NB. To use SlideShark you must register a Free SlideShark account.

Key Features:
• Play existing PowerPoint files properly on your iPad
• Preserve animations, fonts, graphics, and colours
• Simply tap or swipe to advance animations and slides

Newest Features:
– Presenter mode allows you to view your slide notes, animations and presentation timing on your iPad whilst the audience views the presentation on the main screen.
– You can now play background music alongside your slides via iTunes and Spotify.

Features Coming Soon:
– Hyperlinks to other slides or external content such as YouTube
– Remote control function
– Slide annotation and note editing function

What SlideShark Can’t Do:
– You can’t edit your PowerPoint slides on iPad but you can hide and re-order them.
– There isn’t currently the functionality to play sound through video content on your slides. If this is something that you need for your presentation then you could look at using the Keynote App.

Our experience of SlideShark:
Presenting PowerPoint on iPad is different from PowerPoint on PC, take some time to learn the SlideShark tool and the swipe movements needed to ensure that your presentation delivery is seamless.

We have found that most animation seems to work OK but there are a few complex custom slide transitions that do not work. Keep this in mind and leave enough time to test your presentation on iPad.

There are a limited amount of fonts available for use on iPad and only a selection of these are compatible with PC. Fonts that are not available on the iPad will be replaced with Helvetica.

iPad presentations: Perfect for sales meetings and conferences
Perfect for travelling sales teams. Create a library of presentation slides for your sales team to use and let them hide and re-order slides to suit the client. It syncs with your PC so you can keep a library of presentations online and sync your iPad with the latest versions so they are always up-to-date!

Using a Video Mirroring app such as Reflections you can use your iPad to power your conference presentations.

Creating your presentation in Keynote? Check out our review of the Keynote iPad App.

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