Interactive Digital Presentations.

When you have left your audience hungry for more, or want to take them on an extended journey an eBook, interactive PDF or iBook is perfect to tell more of the story than a presentation can.

We have solutions that suit all devices and purposes.

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Interactive Digital Presentations
Interactive PDF

Interactive PDF.

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An interactive PDF is the right communication tool when you're looking for a higher level of engagement with your content.

Paired with imagery and iconography, this bespoke document is designed to provide multiple levels of detail using easy and user-friendly navigation - just like a website!.

Our interactive PDF eBooks work on all devices - IOS, Android, Windows, mobile and desktop.

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Telstra & Apple

An interactive match

Telstra, in their partnership with Apple, wanted a highly visual communication piece to support their sales teams. The result - a beautiful presentation that could live on its own and allow the user to choose their own journey. 


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Building an interactive document that engages while you're not there is the perfect leave behind.

Use it for:

  • Post-sales call leave-behind
  • Conference summary
  • Post-bid engagement tool.
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