Infographic design.

Wish to share your data and insights in a simple, engaging and memorable way? Then you can’t go past an infographic.

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Infographic Design

Simplify the complex.

Visualise your data

Infographics work wonders at simplifying large amounts of data and numbers - visually representing information that can easily be misunderstood or ignored.

So much so that they are reportedly 30 times more effective than simple text!

Great for communicating survey findings, facts, insights and data and can even be used as a call to action to encourage further inquiry.

Infographics differ from illustrations; instead of visually depicting something they work to visually unlock content.

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What is possible.


Youth Community Services

With an objective to reach investors for the Kool Kids Club, PS used PowerPoint to design an infographic that addressed the program's success in an emotive way.

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"This looks great. It’s looking excellent. Such a big improvement on the previous version” a great result!"


Department of Education




"Thanks so much again for your support on this it’s been great working with you and we’ve got a great result!"



Some more examples

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Infographics for you.

Visualise your data

When you need to go beyond bullet points and graphs, an infographic can tell your story in a memorable way.

Perfect for:

  • Bringing data to life
  • Communicating the core message
  • Presenting quickly and succinctly