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January 28, 2020

importance of planning your next presentation

The importance of planning your next presentation

The time rolls around for your next presentation. You have two options:

  1. Pull together bits and pieces of old presentations. After all, you’ve done this a million times, you’ll be fine, right?
  2. Plan ahead of time. Think deeply about your audience and message. And, nail it.

The best presentations are planned; those that engage your audience and create buy-in. The benefits to creating a presentation that is memorable, creative and more than just your ordinary slide deck. Here are a few advantages of taking the time to plan your next presentation.

1. A better understanding of your objective.

Most people know that they need to give a presentation, but they rarely ask why. Presentations are a strategic communication tool. There is a reason you are presenting to people in a room. The message you have is more important for your audience to understand – that’s why it wasn’t sent in an email!

Consider why you are presenting and what is your primary objective? Is it to get buy-in, disseminate information or maybe create organisational change? Once you’ve thought about the objective, think about how you’ll measure the outcome. Very few presenters consider how they’re going to measure the effect their presentation has on their audience. Consider how you can build in a call-to-action that is measurable and links to your overall business objective.

2. A greater consideration of your audience.

Giving yourself more time to prepare your presentation means that you have the opportunity to think about your audience.

Your audience has needs and wants. It is helpful to have the time and space to work out what those needs and wants are. Evaluate how your message helps or hinders them from getting what they need. If it is going to have a negative effect, how can you rephrase your message to make sure they listen? By taking the time to understand their perspective on you or your message, you can ensure you tailor your message more empathetically and effectively.

3. More room to innovate – give yourself the time to say and do something new.

Planning your presentation gives you more room for creativity and innovation. After you’ve considered what your audience needs to hear, consider how your audience needs to hear it. What are the best channels they can be reached? Is an in-person PowerPoint presentation the best format? Maybe instead of standard presentation you could invite people onstage for a fireside chat? Maybe they engage best with real customer stories, do you have videos and testimonials you could use? Planning ahead allows you to stage and craft a presentation that is creatively engaging, entertaining and informative.

Creating a presentation that is engaging, strategic and innovative is completely possible. They just take a little bit more planning.

Get started on your next presentation today!

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