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This ain’t Hollywoodthis is PowerPoint!

Suspend disbelief with features that rival any blockbuster.

PowerPoint is still considered the ultimate presentation solution and as APAC’s presentation experts, we agree. But many aren’t aware of just how powerful it really is.

So, grab the popcorn and strap yourself in, as each month we share with you all the wonderous things this tool can do – proving the slide is no longer the limit!


Re-creating an immersive scene using PowerPoint elements and imagery can bring your brand messaging to life. It creates relevance for the audience plus you can go to town on the creative!


I bet you didn’t know you can create animated and explainer videos in PowerPoint! Using the simple shapes function, our team build animated stories that will blow your socks off... and it’s all editable.


Taking a leaf out of online design, you can make your simple static image work harder. Perfect when you need to focus on a subject and inject some depth – cut it out and animate it. Job done!


Bring the emotion to life with a simple merge of high resolution video and PPT text and graphic overlays. Next stop... Hollywood! Perfect for title or section slides when you really need to make an impact!

more coming soon

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Download 5 top PowerPoint tips

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AboutPresentation Studio

Stories with Presence

Presentation Studio is APACs premiere presentation communication agency, offering full-service presentation solutions, insights and training for large-scale organisations and SMEs across the Asia-Pacific region.

Our tailored packages include everything from planning and concept creation to Story writing, full design and software/ personnel training. Our services extend beyond the screen to event management, offering a 360 approach to the specific presentation requirements of you and your audience.


Story and visual planning strategy workshops


Writing and finessing engaging stories


Visually stunning designs across all platforms


Teaching you how to write, build and deliver engaging stories


Seamless partnership to deliver successful projects

Why Presentation Studio

We forged the niche by creating Australia’s only full service Presentation specialist agency back in 2006. Since then, we have worked with Australia’s largest and most dynamic organisations.

We love what we do, we value strong working partnerships, and deliver amazing results.


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“That looks AWESOME! I think it looks perfect, so great!

Well done!”


“Thank you, that is the best training workshop I have ever attended.”


“Thanks so much again for your support on this it’s been great working with you and we’ve got a great result!”