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November 20, 2020

how well do you know powerpoint

How well do you know PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a powerful communication tool, but many people only use half of its intended features and applications. How well do you know PowerPoint? Take our quick quiz and find out!

(1) Animations are a great way to make your presentation flow smoothly. There are over 30 different animations that can help your presentation be impactful. Which of the following is not an animation option?

A. Fade

B. Fly In

C. Forward

D. Float Out

(2) PowerPoint shortcuts help designers create visually engaging slides efficiently. What’s the quickest way to duplicate an object or shape?

A. Control + Left Click

B. Control + V

C. Control + C

D. Control + Right Click

(3) Merging shapes can help you create interesting visual elements that accentuate your key messages. Which of the following is an actual shape merging option?

A. Union

B. Replace

C. Blend

D. Minimize 

(4) Morph transitions allow you to animate smooth movement from one slide to the next. You can morph almost any PowerPoint design element. Which of the following design elements are NOT morph effect options?

A. Objects

B. Words

C. Characters

D. Shapes

(5) The layout of your presentation is crucial to its readability and helps to make sure your audience hears your key message with clarity. Which of the following is a typical slide layout?

A. Header

B. Video

C. Title and Content

D. Comparison and Caption

(6) Templates help ensure:

A. Engagement

B. Consistency

C. Readability

D. Presentation Flow

(7) Creating a perfect circle is simple to do when you know how! When using the oval tool, what shortcut can you use to ensure your circle is proportional?

A. Ctrl – J

B. Ctrl – O

C. Shift -Ctrl

D. Shift-Left Click

(8) There are four types of animations, which of the following is NOT one of them?

A. Entrance

B. Impact

C. Motion Path

D. Exit


  1. C
  2. A
  3. 3
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. D
  8. B

How did you go? Did you do as well as you thought you might? Find out how we can help you upskill your knowledge in PowerPoint here.

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