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Content Writingthe art of storytelling

Do you want to hear a presentation or shall I tell you a story?

The story-driven mind
Numbers, stats and fact filled slides don’t impact or influence your audience; on the contrary.

For decades neuroscience has studied the relationship between story and the human mind – and repeatedly found our attitudes, hopes and values are story driven.

When an audience becomes immersed in your story, they drop their barriers, quiet their scepticism and are open to your message. Speech writing experts know this.

Stories engage your audience emotionally. Whether it’s a pitch for new business, sales report or a training session you will influence your audience by telling a compelling story.

You may know how to write reports, present facts and list bullet points, but story-telling is a craft.

A good story, well told
Leave it to the experts. Specialised content writers will transform your presentation into a story that is powerful, memorable and influential.

Visual Design

Would you rather read the words or watch the story?

A quarter of Americans didn’t read a single book last year. But they spent an average of 5.5 hours a day watching video content.

Visuals stimulate the imagination which leads to faster, more profound understanding of your material.

And they make it memorable. Words only enter short-term memory- images go straight to long-term.

Yes you can find an online freelancer who’ll add stock images and pretty fonts but Presentation Studio offers much more; we design and produce a complete visual story.

Our writers collaborate with the visual design team to convey the story concept. The designers interpret, develop and create a stunning visual representation of your insights. Your presentation doesn’t just engage and influence; it’s downright memorable.


Our communication training brings out the best presentation skills in everyone.

Our presentation courses teach you to write, design and deliver impactful and memorable presentations, every time. These interactive and engaging workshops turn even the most nervous presented into the star of the show.

Our Training Solutions:

Understand your audience, define your message and discover the art of storytelling to improve audience comprehension, retention and action.

PowerPoint Design Training
Learn the tricks of the trade so you can effectively and efficiently design more visually appealing slides that leave your audience impressed.

Public Speaking Training
Master delivery by improving your voice and gestures. Boost your confidence and ensure your next presentation stands out and is remembered for the right reasons.

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