By Presentation Studio

July 27, 2017

How to start a speech or big presentation

Storytelling is our most powerful form of communication. We’ve told stories since the dawn of time, while sitting around campfires, and we still use it in our everyday lives, business and the boardroom. 

Yet, so often when we start a speech or a big presentation, we forget our most natural internal skill.

We immediately begin boring our audience with logical facts, stats, numbers and overloading them with screens of bullet points. We forget that we learn, entertain, communicate, socialise and inspire others through emotion.

Up to 90%* of the thousands of decisions we make each day are influenced through our feelings and emotions. In fact, studies have shown that 74% of participants** have changed their decision after their emotion was changed.

So, by starting your speech or presentation with a story (creative link) you are making your audience feel something towards you that the details in your stories and presentations come alive, and you begin to build buy-in on your big idea.

You must learn to communicate a clear message through an engaging story that will have your audience on the edge of their seats from the very beginning!

Make them hang on your every word instead of boring them to death from long-winded waffle.
At Presentation Studio, we have had lots of practise taking messages and weaving them into clear and compelling stories. That’s why we run VisualStory?? Workshop with global leaders Duarte, so you can learn those skills too.

For help with your presentations, check out our VisualStory?? Workshop, run in partnership with global leaders Duarte across Asia Pacific.


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