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May 27, 2016

How to prevent death by data

Usually the time we realise we need help in creating a presentation _?_ is when we’re creating a presentation. At Presentation Studio we get a lot of calls that start with, _??I need it by next month / next week / yesterday._?? Luckily we have the resources for a quick turn around _?_ but what if you don’t?

Most companies don’t allocate budget to creating powerful, professional presentations. Yet they are the ultimate marketing tools. All the advertising, social media and sales spend can become redundant if you deliver one powerful presentation.

Or perhaps, since it’s that time of the year, you have to present your end of year financial report. No one wants to be standing in front of a room of people covertly checking their emails whilst you click through endless bar graphs and spread sheets.

A winning presentation that is visually engaging (and possibly even entertaining), will be better for your career than any financial forecast.


What are the most common problems with financial report presentations?


The 2016 State of Financial Presentations Survey Report surveyed audiences on what they thought the key problems were:[i]


2016 State of Financial Presentations Survey Report


And it’s not just the spread sheets _?_ it’s that presenters focus on the numbers, not what the numbers mean. Data tells a story _?_ the presenter needs to convey what the outcome of the story is _?_ and what action the audience needs to take as a result.


What makes a good financial presentation?


No surprise it was the opposite – only use numbers that support the message, _??Presenters of financial information need to be message driven, not data driven._??[ii]


Here’s an example of what not to do:

Presentation design - what not to do


Here’s how to transform it:

Presentation Design before and after


Want the entire shortcut to a successful EOFY report presentation? We’ve created a template _?_ just drag and drop. Download our free Budget Presentation Template NOW:


And remember _?_ allocate a bit of your next year’s budget towards presentation creation and design. The benefit won’t just be to your audience _?_ you might see a significant impact in next year’s financial report.

[i] Paradi, D. 2016, _??The State of Financial Presentations Survey Results_??, Think Outside the Slidelink.
[ii] Paradi, Ibid.

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