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October 26, 2015

How do you use PowerPoint?

We found this brilliant quote amongst some really handy tips for major supermarkets who regularly visit and present to their suppliers.

“Many people use PowerPoint like a drunk uses a lamp post. For support rather than illumination.”

So how do you use PowerPoint?

Do you use it to emphasise a point with sparse words on screen? Or do you use it as a repository for information you can read from during your meeting?

If it’s the latter, then we highly recommend you stop leaning on your PowerPoint slides and start using PowerPoint as a powerful presentation tool. If you need to go through a lot of information consider a hand-out, a longer length document that contains all the support data and information your viewers may need after the meeting. That way your audience will spend the meeting time focused on you and your message…. not on your slides!

The article featured five tips that can easily be applied to any industry:

  1. Decide what you want to achieve (before you get there).
  2. Make the best use of your time.
  3. Consider if you need a tour or just a meeting.
  4. Ban PowerPoint (unless you get professional help).
  5. Negotiate the deal you need.

To read the full article. click here

And remember, PowerPoint presentations can be powerful communication tools that influence. If you not sure how, speak to one of our professionals presentation experts today on 1300 699 609 (+61 2 9046 7000 if calling from outside Australia).

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