By Presentation Studio

October 22, 2019

Great minds think alike

Remember your last office brainstorming session? Did everyone walk away thinking and feeling confident in your discussed solutions, or, did it actually cause more confusion and conflict? This is the common question we all ask ourselves after a heated, highly _??collaborative’ session.

After being locked in a boardroom for hours, we may have found ourselves wondering whether we’ve finally reached a common ground, only for that ground to crumble and fall out from beneath us.

Brainstorming can be tricky. Especially when the direction of a business is up for discussion. The insights, collaboration and inputs are all intended to be compromising, in order to arrive at a solution that considers all stakeholder needs.

Brainstorming is like steering a ship. All crew members are working towards arriving at the same destination. However, the captain of the ship has the skills and the larger perspective to steer the final direction of the vessel. All crew members play an integral role in their journey, but the captain is in a position of control. When it comes to brainstorming, you need a good captain. Someone with expertise and a different perspective who can direct the conversation toward productivity.

As presentation experts, we know that there is more than one way to convey an idea. Sadly, in many brainstorming sessions, the best way to convey an idea is overlooked as too _??out of the box’. This can have dire consequences for the overall performance of the presentation. Ideas are infectious, needing enthusiasm of a majority of the team in order to get real buy-in. Further, even the best ideas need nurturing to ensure they flourish. This is where our content strategists come in _?_ they are ready and willing to serve as your captain for your next brainstorming session. They can present new ideas, bring expert feedback into your ideas and answer any questions you may have along the way. Our content strategists are experts in the art of brainstorming and will help you steer your ideas and your presentation in the right direction.

Presentation Studio insight sessions provide a one-hour highly collaborative briefing session with our dedicated content strategists, in which all stakeholders can walk away satisfied with the outcome. We provide insider knowledge and leading industry advice on the most effective way for you to convey your idea and bring it to life. Our team know the methodology needed to draw out on your insights and key messaging. This will ultimately leave a lasting impression on your audience and motivate them to act in support of your ideas.

You know your company, and we know presentations. If great minds think alike, why not have the greatest presentation mind in APAC at your disposal. Reach out today.

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