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September 10, 2015

Getty Images Visual Trends

Some of our dedicated visual experts enjoyed attending the recent Getty Images Visual Trends event so much, they wanted to share the trends and insights with you.
The event was set up to inform professionals [people like us] about what types of images are trending – all compiled from their search and purchase statistics.

Styles that are in high demand


Not androgynous as such, more of a blurring of the lines between sexes, and the complete disregard of traditional expectations about the sexes. All stereotypes are out the window when it comes to this style, people expect anyone to be able to do anything, regardless of gender, age or persuasion.

Getty Genderblend.jpg 5

getty Genderblend3


Travel photos, people in nature have always been popular and still are. The wanderlust image is transforming how we see these travel shots. Now, it’s the person on the journey, in transit, that captures the imagination. The idea of the journey being the most important part gives the most impact. Epic spaces, reinforcing humanities small scale in comparison to nature are how these images are best portrayed.
Getty Wanderlust.jpg


Images of people with solely commercial success are vanishing, companies was to see people improving our current state, creating sustainable features, changing things for the better. Handmade, recycled, natural, innovation, and technology are the key words when envisioning this theme.

Getty Vanguardians

Merging Mediums

Crossing imagery with hand-drawn, combining images, interactions between everyday objects (still life) and basic drawing is growing. You might have once drawn a moustache on a picture in the newspaper, this style is developing and adds to the feeling of personal, casual and informal.

Getty Merging

Future Unknown

Describes a visual aesthetic that represents a unique vision of the future with technology at its core. High definition, high detail are the order here – no room for nostalgia and dinky filters, these are the images where precision and accuracy are at the forefront.

Getty Future

Below are examples of images that are OUT and hopefully they will never be IN again.

shut2 shut4 Shut6

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