By Presentation Studio

September 7, 2015

Gaining a competitive edge with your presentation

Technology is transforming how and where we present and Prezi, Microsoft, Apple and now Canva are changing the apps we use.

However, in the past ten years of helping Australia’s largest companies with their PowerPoint slides, I notice time and time again, it is not the software that causes their presentation challenges (mostly). It’s the fundamentals of presentation content that let the presenters down.
I am uniquely positioned to see how the most successful conferences are held and the best sales pitches are won. Bizarrely none of these presentations were whipped up using the old slides in the back of a cab on the way to the venue!

Solid presentations are clear in their objectives, message and audience needs before embarking on the distraction of software choice and design.

In an effort to motivate employees and raise the ‘presentation bar’ I have embarked on sharing my knowledge and holding free sessions to communicate important components of making a successful presentation. My goal is to improve presentation quality for both speaker and audience. Here is one recent attendee’s experience:

“Emma visited our office for a working lunch and shared the latest presentation trends. The insights on what other companies are doing along with practical tips to make presentations stand out have really boosted my team’s confidence.” CMO, Tourism Industry

In summary; technology is transforming how and where we present. But, first we must take a step back and think through the content we are presenting, how it is easily understood and why the audience is there.

For more information on the free sessions we run please call us on 1300 699 609.

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