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December 17, 2015

Flourishing in a flawed world

Driving to work recently, I was listening to the radio hosts discuss how years feel shorter as you get older. They reasoned that a year to a young child is a much larger percentage of their life than an adult’s time on earth, so kids always feel like one year lasts longer than us.As I sat at the traffic lights pondering the actual percentage of my life that has just flashed past in the year that was 2015, I thought of the fulfilment this past 12 months has brought.

Reflecting on your achievements as one year ends is very important. My highlights of 2015 include:

For me, without a doubt 2015 has been one of my best years on record. Not just the unprecedented business growth and our company building fantastic partnerships with many wonderful new clients, but hearing first hand from my team of 25 what a decided shift in our culture really means to them. 

One quote that stands out and sums up the way we work is this:

“We are a family of quirky individuals who have fun, appreciate each other
and breathe confidence into all we do.”

When I look back at what’s worked best this year, I realised my fulfilment comes from other people sharing in our success. 

One year may not seem long to us grownups, but it can be enough time to make massive changes and drive big results, and we have flourished in an otherwise flawed world.

On a personal level, therefore, I’ve set my mantra for 2016 as “Flourish”, which will see us love, water and nurture our own garden, and continue to blossom.

In a world where year in reviews will be filled with sadness and hate, my biggest goal is to touch the lives of those around me in the most positive way I can.

Putting this into action, we at Presentation Studio have doubled our client Christmas gift budget from last year and are donating the entire amount to

This is a locally based charity that is close to my heart. The First Seeds Fund is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse at the grass roots level within Australia.

Announcing this here, I have full conviction that our wonderful clients understand that forgoing the traditional client gifts of hampers and cherries is worthwhile, in the knowledge that we are really making a difference to those who need it most.

If you’d like to read more about First Seeds Fund or make a donation, click below.


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