By Presentation Studio

April 23, 2018

Fearing your presentation is the worst thing you can do

Putting together a presentation is a lot like making a dentist or accountant appointment _?_ you put it off to the last hurried minute, until it’s urgent or there is a problem that must be done now.

When we fear something, we delay _?_ and then we rush and regret it!

Presentation Studio has seen thousands of presentations in our time _?_ some good and many bad.

Most of the bad ones are due to a lack of preparation, often hurried and put together on a looming deadline.

So to avoid coming up with a bad presentation, simply answer the three steps below:

1 – Message

Write one sentence that sums up the overall point you are trying to make. This is your _??bumper sticker’.

2 – Objective

Identify the aim of your presentation. For example, are you trying to sell something or just share information?

3 – Audience

Define who you are presenting to. What’s their age, demographic, are they shareholders? What are their needs and how are you helping them?

This is your quick tip starting point.

If you can’t answer these three points then you’ll find it hard to start and magnify your fear.

Which would you rather choose?

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