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November 11, 2020

Five essential topics we cover in our expert PowerPoint training course

Five essential topics we cover in our expert PowerPoint training course.

When used correctly, presentations can be an incredibly powerful business tool. They can help you shape your new internal work-from-home culture; they can help you generate new sales leads and they can help you drive investment. Presentations are more than a pleasantry or an obligation – they are instruments of real, tangible change. Over the years, we at Presentation Studio have mastered the elements that make a great PowerPoint, from content to design to delivery. We have helped train many people from organisations all over the world to ensure they communicate with impact.

Our expert PowerPoint Design Training is based on four key focus areas – animation, transition, layout, templates, and theme. By mastering these focus areas, you can ensure that you create a presentation that helps you reach your business objectives.


Animation is essential in driving the pace of a good presentation. It can help your presentation flow smoothly onscreen and create a dynamic presenting experience. It’s also helpful for adding flair and nuance to how you introduce content to your audience. There are four main types of animation – entrance, emphasis, motion path and exit.


PowerPoint presentations are all about persuasion. Transitions are the focus area that helps ensure you make your intended point with your audience. They enable a smooth visual experience. The combination of transition effects gives users millions of possible combinations to make any presentation more engaging and smoother.


Slide layouts are an essential framework for your presentation. They contain the rules that define how your content is displayed. Slide layouts help you achieve a consistent look and enable efficiency when it comes to formatting and reading PowerPoint Presentations.

Templates and themes

Templates are nothing more than regular presentations that have been previously formatted. They contain a Master Slide that sets the default colours, fonts, and document features for all the different slide layouts. This theme can be made up of your brand’s key elements so that anyone in your organisation can create a quick, branded PowerPoint. Templates and a theme are the perfect solution for helping your team create consistently on brand, professional presentations.

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