Emma Bannister.

Founder & CEO of Presentation Studio

A highly sought-after creative, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker.

Emma Bannister thinks in pictures and stories. She is an expert at transforming the written word into visual masterpieces and we are lucky to call her our CEO.

Emma's passion for presentations is infectious - realising just how impactful and powerful they are to companies.

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Emma Bannister - Presentation Studio

Creative Entrepreneur | Influencer | Author | Speaker

After years of designing presentations for big corporates in the U.K, Emma arrived in Australia in 2002 with a suitcase full of bright ideas and big ambitions.  She knew there was more to a presentation than slides and endless jargon, and so in 2006 (from her humble kitchen table), Presentation Studio was born.

Fast-forward a decade and Presentation Studio has grown to 30+ creative and collaborative staff, all equally passionate about helping transform the way individuals and companies communicate.  

Together they have helped transform multi-million-dollar pitch presentations for companies such as Telstra, Westfield, Microsoft, Hyundai, Yahoo!7, Commonwealth Bank and PepsiCo... just to name a few! 

When she’s not presenting, or teaching others how to present, Emma is writing for the likes of Smart Company, Business Insider, Qantas Radio, SMH, Financial Review, B&T, The CEO Magazine, Entrepreneur.com, and Kochies Business Builder.

Awarded by the best.

Microsoft MVP & Telstra Awards

MVP_Logo_Horizontal_Preferred_Cyan300_CMYK_300ppi-148600-edited  Telstra-Business-Womens-Award-2016-300x142

Emma Bannister has recently been awarded Microsoft the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Office365 (PowerPoint). An exclusive accolade only bestowed to global professionals at the top of their game on the Microsoft platform.

Emma is also the co-founder and visual design lead for Presentation Guru and was a finalist in the 2015 + 2016 Telstra Business Women Awards.

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Emma Bannister is a sought-after keynote speaker with a passionate, creative and authentic on-stage presence.

Emma delivers keynote presentations for global conferences, organisation initiatives and leadership development programs all over the world.

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Emma has three powerful keynotes:

Keynote #1 - Impact Matters.

The secret method to have you communicating visually with impact

How do you gain the competitive edge in your next Presentation? With the perfect mix of storytelling, visual communication, and presentation skills. In today’s marketplace it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself. Marketing experts suggest clear winners find innovative ways of communicating. Sounds simple enough – but what if you’re not an award-winning communication expert with your finger on the pulse?

The good news is, you needn't be. Emma Bannister is Presentation Studio Founder and CEO, with over 20 years' experience in visual communication strategy. Her team has helped clients across Asia Pacific win multi-million-dollar pitches – companies like Telstra, Yahoo!7, EY, Microsoft, VISA and Qantas. Presentation Studio’s innovative approach to integrating story and visual design transforms lacklustre presentations into engaging, powerful and successful communication tools.


  • Insight into market leaders’ communication strategies
  • Essential components of presentations
  • Practical ways to differentiate and stand out

Perfect for

  • Managers and executives who write and deliver presentations
  • Pre-conference / roadshow preparation workshops
  • Conference breakout training sessions

Success measure

  • Outcome based
  • Practical tools and physical tips
  • Latest presentation skills

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Keynote #2 - Change Makers.

Creativity is THE future business skill

As we rely more on machines to make decisions, humans will need to supply what machines cannot: Creativity. That’s why in the 2016 World Economic Forum report, Creativity as a skill set moved from number 10 in 2015 to number three in 2020. Leaders must learn not to stifle creativity, allow time for experimentation and resource the ability to problem solve through curiosity, imagination, innovation, and expression of ideas. It's what gives humans a competitive advantage.

"Protect the future not the past – your job as a manager in a creative environment is to protect new ideas from those who don’t understand that in order for greatness to emerge, there must be phases of not-so-greatness."
Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar

Emma shares her experience of driving a creative team culture and the challenges and benefits that brings. In a brave and authentic keynote, Emma shares practical advice along with her insights and experiences that will help you prepare for the future ways of working by unleashing creativity, innovation, problem-solving, persuasion and collaboration in your organisation.


  • Future ways of working - case studies
  • Benefits and solutions
  • Problem-solving skills and exercises
  • How to lose our fear of being wrong

Perfect for

  • Managers who want to foster a creative culture throughout their organisation
  • Conferences, roadshows and internal events

Success measure

  • Creativity ≠ Art
  • Practical tools and physical tips
  • Understanding the possibilities

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Keynote #3 - Never give up.

From a humble beginning to a successful business owner; learn how to take control of your own destiny.

Emma arrived in Australia in 2002 with little more than one backpack and a vision of how powerful presentations could be. With nobody providing quality presentation support and noticing an obvious demand, she knew she had found her niche.

Starting a business has obvious challenges and during this keynote, Emma shares stories from the past 12 years – realising her vision, establishing an industry and the struggles and successes of a small business. As Presentation Studio grew and the team reached double figures Emma was faced with her biggest challenge 'leadership skills'- an introverted graphic designer with a fear of public speaking.

Now, as CEO, creative entrepreneur, and professional speaker, Emma has over 30+ full-time employees and Presentation Studio is the leading presentation agency in APAC. Emma shares the transformation insights and learnings through creative thinking, brave decision making and staying focussed.


  • Motivate, increase confidence - overcome fear
  • Finding your niche
  • Start-up skills

Perfect for

  • 'Lunch and Learns'
  • Women’s groups / networking groups

Success measure

  • Inspiration
  • Practical tools and physical tips
  • Understanding the possibilities

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Visual Thinking will help you transform the way you think, communicate and influence with your presentations.

Transform your presentation in five simple steps:

  • Identify your purpose and main message
  • Brainstorm your ideas
  • Structure your presentation
  • Design your content
  • Deliver and share for greater impact

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