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June 1, 2016

Elevator pitch – using explainer videos for investor pitches

In early April I attended an #AngelPitch event hosted by Investible. It was a unique forum for business ideas to be heard by top-tier angel investors.

The Investible team included Trevor Folsom and Creel Price, who founded Blueprint Management Group in 1996 with $10,000 in capital, building it to over 1,000 employees. A decade later it sold for $109 million. With the addition of Craig Swagger (ex – Head of Innovation at Macquarie Bank) they created Investible – a start-up generator dedicated to developing entrepreneur’s talent and bridging the gap to investors.

Creel Price from the Investible team advised a concise and memorable pitch is structured in levels _?_ like an elevator ride. The purpose of an _??elevator pitch_?? is to open the door to a future conversation.

Elevator pitch

A successful pitch takes you to the Penthouse Suite, which contains the ticket to deliver your full presentation to investors.

Whilst the event highlighted what investors look for in a pitch, a key message was how to get your pitch heard. With inboxes crammed with verbose emails Explainer Videos are a key tool to cut through. They simplify content, immediately impact your audience and even better _?_ they get shared.

Explainer videos have exploded in popularity since marketers have seen the sales benefits _?_ significantly higher conversion rates and increased Google rankings (longer visits to websites = happy algorithms).

The team at Presentation Studio
decided to apply the approach

We plucked an exciting new idea we discovered on the net and created our own Investor Pitch following the steps from Investible (using PowerPoint!).


Thank you for the team @InvestibleAsia for allowing us to share.


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