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When you provide effective communication skills training to your team, you don’t just change careers - you change lives.
We take great pride in sharing our knowledge with thousands of individuals each year - from public speaker training to storytelling and design fundamentals, we've got your back. 

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Public Speaking Training Public Speaking Courses & Coaching

Story Training.

Empower with VisualStory

Learn to write presentations that are impactful, memorable and meaningful. Take them on a journey that perfectly balances the analytical with the emotional, and drives them to action. Our partnership with the world's leading presentation specialist,  Duarte, brings you a course with real-world tools to apply directly to your next presentation.

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Speaker Coaching.

Build confidence

Speaker skills are the final piece of the puzzle. Once you have your presentation ready, we focus on your delivery; voice, posture, movement, gestures and how to overcome nerves. This is the last step to engaging and influencing your audience, and for many, the most fear-inducing (but critically important!)

Bring your own presentation and learn how to deliver with absolute confidence, conviction, and clarity.

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Present with confidence
Design Presentations Like a Pro

Design like a Pro.

PowerPoint Training

Learn how to create PowerPoint presentations that look amazing, in a fraction of the time.

In this informative and engaging workshop, participants learn some of the most useful PowerPoint features as well as practical guidance for creating first-class PowerPoint slides.

Participants are taught to “think like a designer”, by learning how to get the most from PowerPoint and discover design 101 principles. This workshop is vital to maximise productivity.

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Word on the street.

But enough from us, what do some of our fab clients say?

Stuart Ward


The worlds leading CRM and automation company, Salesforce, tasked PS to train their engineers and product teams with storytelling and public speaking skills - across 3 countries in 2 weeks! Stuart tells us how our VisualStory™ workshop helped empower his team with visual storytelling techniques that continue to make a difference.

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Empower your teams.

Flexible courses

Ranging from half-day to three-day courses covering all aspects of Presentation Skills. It's your choice.

Designed to improve your competitive edge, our courses can easily be integrated into your company's empowerment programmes and personal development plans, or used as a team-building exercise. Drop us a line to find out how.