By Presentation Studio

April 3, 2012

How to Design an Impressive Presentation

Research suggests that a massive 95% of business use PowerPoint. This means that it is highly likely that you are delivering your sales pitch presentations in the same format as your competitors. Now, imagine that you are on the receiving end of multiple sales pitches delivered in the same, predictable format. It’s no wonder that the aptly named term _??death by PowerPoint’ was coined!

So, how do you make your next PowerPoint presentation stand out from your competitors? Below are our top tips for creating a memorable PowerPoint presentation.

1. Avoid data overload

Your audience don’t want to sit through multiple slides of charts and graphs to show how you got to your results. They want to see the key information and hear what this means for them. This is where your presentation design can really help you stand out. Use infographic design to help visualise your data, pull out the key figures and keep your audience engaged.

2. Use animation effectively

There are a whole suite of animations available for your use in PowerPoint as well as custom animations that you can create yourself. When used correctly animations are a great way of breaking up information on your slides and enhancing your message. The key thing to remember is to keep it simple_?_ sometimes all you need is a subtle fade or wipe animation to really help to bring your slide to life. Check out our PowerPoint animation example for inspiration.

3. A simple slide transition makes a big difference

Similarly, slide transitions can also transform your presentation. As standard, a subtle fade transition across your entire presentation will give it an instant professional finish. If you really want to stand out, try the new slide transitions in PowerPoint 2010 such as _??cube’ or _??gallery’ but as with animations make sure that they support your overall presentation design and don’t distract from your messaging.

4. Make it interactive

PowerPoint doesn’t need to be presented in a completely linear way. Try using hyperlinks throughout your slides to make your presentation more interactive and intuitive to audience responses. Or check out SMS Polls a tool that allows presenters to interact with their audience by asking questions using live polls and surveys.

5. Get inspired!

To create a PowerPoint presentation that really stands out you need to keep on top of the latest presentation trends and get inspiration to keep your presentations fresh and exciting.


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