By Presentation Studio

April 18, 2016

Data Visualisation of PowerPoint Charts


Our clients want to stand out from the crowd _?_ and quite right too! We received several requests for spicing up stacked bar charts.



We found a visual solution that’s creative and editable, adding impact to your presentation. By laying an image over the data chart it masks areas that are boring whilst highlighting key stats. 


A vector is created in illustrator and inserted into PowerPoint as an .emf file. Once ungrouped it can be coloured, scaled and edited like any other shape. Simply move the shape to the back, edit the graph; return the image to the front.


A designer needs to create the initial vector, tailoring design to obscure a specific legend or axis. But once the template’s established anyone can update the data. The visual impact makes the initial effort well worth it.


Want to have a play?
Click the button to download the PowerPoint file:


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