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VisualStory® Training

Full & half day

The VisualStory® workshop is designed to arm you with the practical 'know-how' to craft a compelling story, that creates impact and drives action. 

Through a series of engaging and collaborative exercises, you’ll learn how to blend analytical and emotional content into memorable messages.

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Learn How to Write Your Presentation.

A strong foundation

Develop a deeper understanding of your audience, define your message and discover the art of persuasive storytelling. Presentation Studio exclusively offers the Duarte VisualStory® workshops throughout APAC.

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Comms Skills Training
Unlock The Power

Learn the art of storytelling.

Does the thought of delivering a presentation make your mind go blank? Does the flashing cursor fill you with dread? Do you find connecting with customers tough or pitching for funding challenging?  Do you fumble for the right words, get lost in your slide deck, run out of time before you’ve hit your main points?

This one day workshop will help provide the methodology and tools you need to engage your audience, sell your ideas and inspire people to act.  You'll leave your audience begging for more!

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Training Outline:

Full & half day options for teams and individuals

This course is perfect if you’re an executive or a manager who wants to connect with your audience, every time.

Story-based content.

  • Understand why presentations miss their mark and how yours can stand out
  • Learn how to connect to your audience by creating common ground and emotional appeal
  • Create your story using the Duarte Story Map™
  • Identify your presentation purpose
  • Analyse your audience
  • Articulate your ‘key message’

Visual design principles.

  • Learn how to think like a designer:
    • Visual design for engaging presentations
    • Layouts for clear communication
  • Convey visual unity
  • View professional examples designed to create impact and audience engagement

Major benefits of the course:

  • How and why to put the audience first
  • Engaging your audience with compelling insights
  • How to build memorable presentations
  • Balancing analytical and emotional appeal
  • Boost confidence and credibility
  • Learn what makes a successful presentation
  • How to organise and structure your presentation
  • Understand and prepare for audience resistance
  • Develop persuasive and influential communication skills
  • Learn how to tell a story
  • How to plan and write a winning proposal
  • Think about your audience needs and write to that
  • Discover visual design principles

Perfect For:

  • Managers and executives who write, design and / or present presentations
  • Pre-conference / roadshow workshops
  • Conference breakout training sessions
  • Sales teams involved in pitching

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Perfect for individuals or if you would like to try before booking your team into our group courses.

VisualStory Training

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VisualStory Training

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VisualStory Training

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VisualStory Training

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Perfect for groups of up to 15 people where your course is customised to your objectives and brand. 

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What our clients say.

Salesforce & VisualStory®


Salesforce identified a need to focus on presentation storytelling and delivery. As such, our solution catered to demands by region, a tight delivery timeframe and maximised return on investment.


Eight workshops in a combination of VisualStory® and Speaker skills training in four regions; Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Mumbai.

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Meet your facilitators:

Emma Bannister

“I believe presentations are a catalyst for action and I’m passionate about helping people unlock their inherent value. Hours, days, even weeks are wasted creating and delivering lacklustre PowerPoint presentations that are ultimately forgotten. If every presentation became creative, powerful and memorable, the positive impact on a company’s revenue would be enormous.”

Emma Bannister

Founder & CEO, Presentation Studio
Microsoft MVP (O365)

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Emma Bannister - Presentation Studio 2019

Tim Rigg

“I pitch to win business and present to win hearts and minds. In the classroom, my goal is moulding raw creative mindsets into commercially strategic, tactically-minded communications weapons. The greatest ideas, initiatives or reports are worthless without the power to communicate them in a way that instils passion and incites action.”

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