By Presentation Studio

December 11, 2013

Colours and Culture

Presentation Studio recently returned from a successful business trip to Singapore with a very important message: understand the culture of the country you intend to do business with if you want to be effective and professional.

When designing a cross cultural presentation this is very important especially when it comes to colour.

Did you know that colours are associated with certain images? For example:

Blue = wealth, trust, security


Grey = strength, exclusivity, success


Orange = cheapness


This colour association can cross cultures but it can also vary depending on which country you are communicating with. One study reported an example of four countries aligning on what colours meant to them. Japan, People’s Republic of China, South Korea and USA all agreed that Blue equals High Quality and Red equals Love. (source: ‘Translating Colours’ by Global Propaganda).

But this is not always the case so make sure you do your research first. And check out an amazing infographic on our Pinterest page to see what 10 cultures think about a range of colours and their meanings.

TIP: if you’re presenting to another country make sure you understand their cultural nuances. Visit their websites to see what colours they’re using in their designs. This will help you create a presentation that is in harmony with their culture. You can also check out global presentation sources such as slideshare which is rich with presentations from all over the world.

Happy Presenting!

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