By Presentation Studio

December 9, 2015

Christmas in a culturally diverse office

We are blessed with an office full of talented people from a range of countries and cultures which makes for interesting discussions around the lunch table, the sharing of stories and sharing of food from all over the world.

When it comes to Christmas we realised that different cultures celebrate it in different ways so we asked some of the team here at Presentation Studio, _??What does Christmas mean to you?_??

In Korea it’s about sharing love with people.

In Brazil, Christmas is celebrated by eating turkey and exchanging gifts with the family.

In New Zealand its beach, beer and bbq’s followed by board games.

In Ireland they bask in the warmth of family company, cooking, chatting and eating together.

In Belarus where it can get to -28 C at Christmas time, they celebrate with family, making sure all the kids open and enjoy their presents.

In Hong Kong, they love spending Christmas time eating lots of food.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, watching family movies with the whole family is how they like to spend the holidays.

And in the UK, tinsel in the hair, singing _??Do they know it’s Christmas_?? very loud next to a roaring fire.

However you choose to celebrate Christmas this year the whole team at Presentation Studio would like to wish you happy and safe holidays.

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