Telstra Vantage

Telstra hold their biggest annual event, Vantage™, in September, running across four days and with over 8,000 registered attendees.  Vantage combines spectacular experiences over multiple stages, featuring inspirational speakers, that cover a vast array of technology related topics. 

Presentation Studio is proud to have partnered with Telstra since 2012. Each year we collaborate closely with Telstra Vantage™ organisers providing a great number of their presenters with expertly crafted, highly polished presentations that are remembered long after the event wrap-up. 

“For our signature event this year (2018), we included Presentation Studio’s VisualStory to the content development program. This training really helped the speakers to identify and hone their story……the results were an increase in quality of presentations, demonstrated by an increase in audience ratings.“
Telstra Content Manager
Services Provided

The opportunity

Telstra set themselves a goal of ‘raising the bar’ on all aspects of communication at their biggest annual event which runs over 4 days and has over 8,000 registered attendees. The need for 2018 was to tell a consistent story across all streams and channels, while maximising attendee engagement across the entire delegate journey. For the last 5 years, Presentation Studio has partnered with Telstra to deliver various styles (presentation, facilitated interview/conversation, demonstration) whilst ensuring that the sessions aren’t disconnected from the overall company strategy, and are rated an average of 3.5 stars per session by participants.

The solution

Telstra engaged Presentation Studio to drive consistency of messaging, full event identity for presentations and training to raise the bar. PS’s narrative development experts created bespoke VisualStory® workshops that equipped the speakers with the right communication tools and support needed to deliver to the key theme.Speakers used the wporkshops to define their persuasive story. Our content leads assited in refining their content, and our designers brought every presentation to life using our Brand Playbook - specifically designed for the event. 35 workshp attendees, over 40 presentations. Brand playbook and multiple collateral for digital screens to interactive pdf's.

Their success

The Best Vantage yet - 4.1/5 Speaker session rating by the audience.