Everybody loves to travel. But all too often travelling for business is viewed as complicated.  What if corporate travel could be more pleasurable? With 44% of corporate travellers finding booking tools “challenging”, the leaders in corporate travel management, Serko, decided to do something about it.

Presentation Studio worked with Serko to introduce their new travel booking platform, Zeno. Through a simple and concise storyline and creatively executed visuals, the Zeno presentation was able to effectively communicate how the platform solves these challenges through technology, predictive workflows and UX, to ensure a more pleasurable experience for travelers. 


In a world where the quality of business communication is dependent on the effectiveness of your storytelling, working with Presentation Studio gives us a competitive advantage. Presentation Studio helped us turn a great business presentation into a show-stopping visual story that grabbed the audience’s attention and ensured our key messages were remembered long after the applause had died out. Presentation Studio’s quality of output, the ease of their creative process and their personal service is truly best in class.
Nick Whitehead
Head of Marketing at Serko
Services Provided

The opportunity

Serko were launching a new corporate travel program called Zeno. Before Zeno people responsible for corporate travel wanted procedure to be followed and the traveler wanted convenience. There was nothing in the market that offered both. Zeno means no compromise for both parties. This presentation was the main sales tool to go to market.

The solution

PS held an Insight Session to do a deep dive into the current market state for corporate travel products. We explored how Zeno was disrupting the current market and was bringing an offer that solved a lot of frustrations felt by corporate bookers and travellers alike. This allowed us to create a presentation that positioned Zeno as the solution to the problems in the market, and really highlighted the unique feature of it. The theme of 'no comprimise for both parties' was carried throughout, with the design reflecting stress free corporate travel and an easy to use product.

Their success

The sales team at Serko were incredibly impressed with the presentation, as it gave them an informative, eye catching visual story they could take to market.