iFLY Promotion Screens

iFLY launched Indoor Skydiving in Australia with a bang. Now 3 year olds can learn to skydive without the risk. iFLY had over 20 TV screens in their facilities to communicate key messages to customers, with the content centrally managed from head office. They needed a simple video screen solution they can update weekly themselves. Our solution - build it in PowerPoint!
This was a game changer for iFLY, as we could not only build eye-catching content for our screens but minimised the time for content updates. Well done PS!
Brett - Chief Marketing Officer
Services Provided

The opportunity

iFLY were launching 3 Indoor Skydiving facilities in Australia. To help with their onsite customer experience, they wanted to use the 20 TV screens on each site to assist with educating and promoting various aspects of their flight experience. They used a deployment software called Brightsign so they can manage content centrally. However, IFLY needed to update this screen information on a regular basis and many applications either required the involvement of an agency to update daily information or have someone internally with coding skills to make any changes to content.

The solution

Presentation Studio chose PowerPoint as the tool to build the content - which the iFLY team was familiar in using. We then built a series of highly animated PowerPoints for each customer journey point, which provided iFLY with a template on which they can amend regularly. The client then easily used the Export to Video function in PowerPoint once content changes were made and loaded the video into Brightsign. NO HTML required!

Their success

The result - a highly animated screen promo that you would never know it's built-in PowerPoint! Daily content changes were easy, taking only minutes to change, export and upload.