By Presentation Studio

February 14, 2014

In 2014, can your company afford not to publish their own eBook?

Technology is becoming cheaper, more mobile, more prolific and more dynamic. The trending marketing conversations are shouting the “mobile app” is the new “thing!” But not every department can afford the expense of a clever app design. So what is your solution?

Get your messaging out to your audience quicker than an app, with no printing costs, no logisitic costs and lower production costs.

Apple’s iBook app. Available for iPads, it is free and 98% of people who own an iPad has downloaded the iBook app and read Multi-Touch books, PDFs and other e-book formats.


How does this help you and your business needs? A purpose designed multi-touch book that is easily distributed online via iTunes Book store, through email, company intranet or cloud storage. This allows you can distribute an amazingly engaging communication tool.

A professionally design multi-touch book will explore the needs of your message, develop new ways of combining user experience with object-orientated message to deliver the audience and engaging unique experience.

A multi-touch book can be the best investment any company makes for a multitude uses, some great examples are; Annual reports, white papers, company HR documents, company training manuals, product sales guides, product manuals and much more opportunities to custom build Multi-Touch books for the iBooks app.

Some of the greater business benefits that you will see immediately.

Save time. A professionally designed eBook can be produced in a fraction of the time a custom mobile app can be built. Once the artwork is approved, the interactive elements build and the experience tested you’re ready to distribute immediately.

Distribute easily. The eBook can be sent via multiple methods. The easiest method would be through the iTunes Book store, this will be only content that is publicly available. For those companies who want to distribute eBooks but not via the iTunes Book store can use email, cloud service or intranet hosting.

Save money. Get your messaging out to your audience quicker than an app build. No printing costs, no logistic costs and comparatively low production costs. With the audience being more excited and engaged with the use of purpose developed user experience it will encourage the user to engage with your brand, your leaning, your message and vision and result in a quicker uptake or call to action. Whatever your need is, you’ll save time and money as well as have opportunities to integrate this into your existing digital strategies.

Expand your brand. The nature of a tablet is a deliberate engagement, the user is actively pulling the messaging through the app. An engaging and well design user experience through an iPad will provide unrivalled by traditional desktops, TVs or phones. Brands that establish themselves in this space will get a head start in maintaining relevance. A cost effective option is to build an eBook into your company’s digital strategy.

As you can see, a professionally design Multi-Touch book for the iPad is an excellent cost effective way of extending your branding, offering a new way to present your messaging and ensure you have engaging experiences that will increase the success rate of your desired outcome.

If you want to get on board with this cost effective mobile innovation then check out our eBook for iPad work here , then email us or give us a call on 1300 699 609 so we can talk through how we can help you create your first eBook.

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