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By Matthew Mizzi October 30, 2019 //

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Work In Progress

Here at Presentation Studio, we’re passionate about what we do. This passion, along with our other values, flows through everything we produce, and encompasses who we are.

As the presentation landscape is constantly evolving, PS needs to be just as dynamic in order to create consistent value for our clients, and, just like every other agency in the creative space, our PS family continuously draws their inspiration from life around them. Whether our Designers are looking for the most creative and efficient way to convey your information, or our Content Producers and Strategists are finding the most communicable and effective solution- our creative inspiration stems from many sources.

That’s why we’d like to share our first of many episodes of ‘Work in Progress’, which is an interview-styled mini-series, in which we get members of PS express their creative flair and tell us where their inspiration come from.

Keep an eye out for Chapter 2 coming next week!


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