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End Presentation Frustration

July 04, 2019

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft, , Frustration, , Training

Imagine a sports car that never hits second gear - a waste of a high-performance vehicle. Most copies of PowerPoint are treated the same way. It’s an incredibly sophisticated, high-performance...

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Five Tips for Crafting Presentations that Influence

Information is everywhere. With so much information being processed by people every day, it’s important to make sure your message cuts through the noise. Presentations are a powerful tool that can...

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Presentation Studio teams up with Microsoft

May 15, 2019

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft

Emma, Our CEO, was recently approached by Microsoft to participate in their 2019 Microsoft 365 Business Summit in Sydney. As a thought leader, speaker and entrepreneur, Emma was asked to share the...

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Presentation Studio... into the Outback!

May 13, 2019

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft

Last week, a Presentation Studio team headed West to the remote city of Karratha, WA. Matt Baker (Presentation Studio’s Growth Director) and I teamed up with the incredible filmmakers at...

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Mark the calendar... Events season is here!

March 08, 2019

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft

The countdown is on. Are you ready? Forget December, March is the beginning of the Silly Season. For many of us, event season is the biggest time of the year. Re-hashing past presentations and...

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​5 Secret tools Microsoft PowerPoint has that you've never heard of​

As the presentation landscape is always changing and evolving, so should the presenter, in order to stay relevant and competitive in a dynamic environment.

As audience members, we are all too...

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Take a look back on 2018 and the year that was

November 30, 2018

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft

With the end of the year fast approaching, have you given any thought as to how you’re going to celebrate your company highlights and achievements of 2018?

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CEO awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) from Microsoft

August 16, 2018

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft

Emma Bannister – Founder and CEO of Presentation Studio has been awarded the prestigious award from Microsoft – “Most Valuable Professional” for PowerPoint across APAC for 2018/19.

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