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Great Minds Think Alike

October 22, 2019

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft, , Frustration, , Training

Remember your last office brainstorming session? Did everyone walk away thinking and feeling confident in your discussed solutions, or, did it actually cause more confusion and conflict? This is...

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Buzzword Unpacked: Storytelling

October 08, 2019

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft, , Frustration, , Training

For the last few years, ‘storytelling’ has been everywhere. In the mouths of marketing executives, on the websites of communication agencies and in boardrooms across the world. Businesses of all...

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End Presentation Frustration

July 04, 2019

, Powerpoint, , Microsoft, , Frustration, , Training

Imagine a sports car that never hits second gear - a waste of a high-performance vehicle. Most copies of PowerPoint are treated the same way. It’s an incredibly sophisticated, high-performance...

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