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15 reasons to use an Explainer Video this festive season

October 31, 2016

, Presentation Design, , Explainer Videos

The holiday season is fast approaching and everyone is racing to stay front-of-line with their clients, audience, teams and network. It’s that crucial time of the year to be noticed for all the...

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Elevator pitch - using explainer videos for investor pitches

In early April I attended an #AngelPitch event hosted by Investible. It was a unique forum for business ideas to be heard by top-tier angel investors.The Investible team included Trevor Folsom and...

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What getting out of your comfort zone can do

April 28, 2016

, Animation, , Explainer Videos

Late last year I reached a point in my career where I knew I needed growth and wanted to become a better leader. Thankfully a series of fortunate events (and one awesome client) lead me to...

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