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By Presentation Studio May 15, 2019 //

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Emma, Our CEO, was recently approached by Microsoft to participate in their 2019 Microsoft 365 Business Summit in Sydney. As a thought leader, speaker and entrepreneur, Emma was asked to share the role that Microsoft has played in Presentation Studio’s success from a ‘kitchen table start-up’ to the number one presentation agency in the Asia-Pacific region.  As a self-confessed Microsoft ‘tragic’, and someone who has been awarded the coveted title of Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional), she of course, jumped at the chance!

Anyone who is anyone, knows just how closely we work with Microsoft, in particular PowerPoint.  It’s still the industry ‘go to’ for presentations - so much so that our studio creates on average 30,000 presentation slides per month! We get a kick off 'wowing' our clients with the magic of PowerPoint; proving that it is much, much more than just slides and pie charts. The modern presentation is a powerful and valuable business tool- and, as you can see from our portfolio, can incorporate stunning visuals, animation, expert story-telling- the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

As part of the summit, Microsoft also approached PS to feature in a short film that would be screened at the event, to show how we advocate the use of not just PowerPoint, but the entire Office365 suite.  Sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s not, we genuinely think the new Office365 suite is the bee’s knees.  Want to see the studio in action? After two full days and over 18 hours of film… Voilà!

Keep an eye out as we continue to grow our relationship with Microsoft, and share all of the latest news and tips that you can also use to create amazing content in your presentations!


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