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By Presentation Studio August 14, 2017 //

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Don't drown them in data

When it comes to presentation slides, show this:

Not this:

Do you struggle to figure out how to show numbers in your presentations?
And, in which case, just throw it all in? You’re not alone.

Many companies believe that sharing everything and blinding their audience with numbers is the best way to be transparent and open. While the intention is good, it creates a lack of clarity and confuses your audience.

Leading academic Mary Barth from Stanford University recently found that good integrated reporting and presentations are positively associated with both stock liquidity and firm value.

Used sparingly numbers add credibility to your arguments, but it’s important not to drown out your main message.

Our top tips:

  1. Identify the purpose in each slide – what’s your point? How is it helping your audience understand what you are saying?
  2. Replace data with images and illustrations to create emotional impact and engage your audience.
  3. Leave any heavy analytics, research or supporting facts in the appendix or a pdf document following the presentation.
  4. Provide your audience with effective visuals like infographics to help them understand the information.
  5. Animation can be your friend, use it to control the delivery of your numbers.

At Presentation Studio, we see a significant trend in companies understanding the value of removing the noise and clutter from their presentations to present clear and consistent messages.

  • They understand that the design helps the audience understand.
  • They don’t drown the audience in words and numbers.
  • They provide clear meaning to their data.

It is only by communicating clearly articulated messages with relevant data that your presentation will be effective.

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