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Learn how to write your next Sales Presentation or Business Pitch

May 31, 2016

, Presentation Tips

Competing in an RFP?

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How to prevent death by data

May 27, 2016

, Presentation Design, , Powerpoint

Usually the time we realise we need help in creating a presentation – is when we’re creating a presentation. At Presentation Studio we get a lot of calls that start with, “I need it by next month...

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Is Death-by-Bullet Point an instinct?

Facts about boring presentations have become as prolific as the bullet points themselves – 28% of employees have admitted to falling asleep in presentations[i].  With the Boardroom fast becoming...

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What screen size should I use for my presentation?

May 19, 2016

, Presentation Tips

Historically TVs and computer monitors displayed at the 4:3 ratio. In recent years screens for TV and projectors have transitioned to 16:9. Laptops sometimes use 16:10, whilst iPads retain...

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