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How to create a professional presentation

Is your upcoming presentation keeping you awake at night with worry? Are you not sure where to start to create a professional presentation?

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Flourishing in a flawed world

December 17, 2015

, Business, , Reflecting, , Charity

Driving to work recently, I was listening to the radio hosts discuss how years feel shorter as you get older. They reasoned that a year to a young child is a much larger percentage of their life...

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Presentation Trends 2016

December 16, 2015

, Presentation Design, , Design

Presentations are evolving – from the way they’re created through to the way they’re delivered. Looking forward to 2016 we think these three trends will start to shift the presentation space.

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Christmas in a culturally diverse office

December 09, 2015

, PStudio News

We are blessed with an office full of talented people from a range of countries and cultures which makes for interesting discussions around the lunch table, the sharing of stories and sharing of...

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Overcome your fear of public speaking

December 04, 2015

, Presentation Delivery, , Public Speaking

Melissa, Account Manager at Presentation Studio, shares a recent experience that helped her overcome a fear of public speaking. 

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Preparing to deliver a professional presentation

Have you ever been in that situation when you've forgotten what your next point was in your presentation?  

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