By Presentation Studio

November 19, 2013

The Benefits of Digital Publishing for Companies

tabletWe have spoken in detail in previous posts about the benefits of digital publishing for companies to transform their traditional printed collateral into digital renditions and store them in one easy digital library accessible from individual stakeholder tablets and mobile devices.

In today’s overstimulated and connected society it is imported to be able to maintain connection with the desired audience. The best way to maintain a connection and remain relevant to the audience is by providing a rich media experience for the consumer who has downloaded the app.

By having your brochures, board papers, presentations or catalogues linking to your e-commerce strategy will readily available for users to view at their convenience. Statistically, 90% mobile users will eventually delete or ignore apps if its not an amazing app on first impression. Your company is either missing out on untold revenue or losing the connection to your employees and clients.

To successfully stay connected with the user is by giving them rich and relevant dynamic experiences. Each level of content should engage with your audience and leave them with a reason to return.

Meaningful levels of interactivity infused with relevant contemporary content that is updated regularly. Interactive and engaging content can be a simple video clip, audio clips, surveys, interactive image galleries and more. It is important to ensure the interactivity does not over complicate the experience and distracts the user from the point of the electronic communication or lure to purchase consumables. Like all bells and whistles and new technology – it is a fine balance between the interactivity supporting the user experience and over complicating it.

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