By Presentation Studio

June 13, 2017

Don’t let nerves get the better of you next time you present

It can be you worst nightmare.

Delivering an important presentation on stage in front of an expectant audience. Or presenting in a board room choc-full of top executives. Even Skype can be a tortous affair because you cannot see your notes. And when those nerves kick in, well, you might as well kiss your presentation good-bye.

To help you through this anxious period we have a few tips for you. Before your presentation, practice out loud, not just in your head.  This will give you an accurate idea of timing. Be prepared to deliver on the spot with no speaker notes. Sometimes fold back screens don’t work, or just repeat what the audience sees. And auto cues aren’t a good choice because they sometimes fail.

When presenting, let your personality and passion shine through. The more authentic you are in the delivery of your presentation, the more your audience will connect with you and your message.

If you need the confidence to do all these things, Presentation Studio now offer public speaker training workshops. Come along and we’ll help you to put aside your nerves and then show you how to present with real authority.


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