By Presentation Studio

July 7, 2017

Are you getting a return on your investment?

Do you ever sit in a presentation and wonder what the collective cost of everyone in that room is? What is it costing the business to have 15 heads sat together for one hour (or likely more, because most presentations run over time)?

How many employee hours were spent putting that presentation together in the first place _?_ let alone, attending it?

Now, offset that cost against the benefits.

It is more than likely that of those 15 people, maybe one will walk away feeling energised and inspired. Maybe another will be pumped and committed to achieving the actions that were decided on (if there was a clear conclusion).

But most will struggle to understand the outcome of the presentation, what is expected of them now, and why they were there in the first place.

Here is what that presentation is really costing you.

The average corporate employee spends 14 hours per week creating, delivering and attending presentations – many of which are vastly unproductive and fail to impact or influence any one at all.

For a small team of 15 people that equates to over 10,000 man-hours a year.

Now, imagine if you could reduce your and your team’s presentation preparation time, as well as provide clear results and direct actions for your colleagues in each and every presentation delivered.

Here is a video Presentation Studio has put together to demonstrate the significant return on your investment for our Presentation Writing Training workshop. 

The VisualStory?? course empowers you and your team to create a powerful presentation that is memorable and drives audiences into action. Through a series of practical training exercises, you’ll learn how to blend analytical and emotional content into a compelling story.

For help with your presentations, check out the VisualStory?? Workshop, run in partnership with global leaders Duarte across Asia Pacific:


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