By Presentation Studio

January 20, 2014

Improve Your Chances of Appealing to Investors

Investor presentationAvailability of equity finance is the most significant constraint to businesses reports Grant Thornton.

With a whopping 87% of Mining and Explorations companies surveyed failing to win the interest of the investors. Those few that succeeded increased their chances by using a professionally designed PowerPoint presentation and most likely worked hard to ensure their messages were clear, relevant with no distracting or confusing messages and data.

Here are three important tips to remember to improve your chances of appealing to investors:

1. BE VISUAL: Showcase your companies point of difference up front in a visual way
2. ONE MESSAGE PER SLIDE: Stick to one message per slide and elaborate through speech.
3. RELEVANT DATA ONLY: Remove all redundant information and retain only the important and thought provoking statistic and results.

The art of presentations is a necessary craft for effective communication, and there is a growing need in today’s over connected and distracted corporate life. Cut through the noise and increase your effectiveness with your next pitch, it could be the difference between growth and decline.

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