Animated video design.

Explainer videos

Video killed the boring, data-heavy presentation! With video consumption at an all time high, more and more businesses are opting for explainer videos to present their product, idea or sales pitch.  

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Animated Video Design

Engage & excite.

Marketing's secret weapon

Why not transform your message into a video presentation, an animated video or even a pure animation?

More than moving images, an explainer video tells your story in an immersive way. They're exciting, engaging and best of all they command attention. Research shows that consumers are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching the company’s video.

And search engines love them. Google’s algorithm ranks websites by stickiness – when people stay on your site to watch your video, it tells Google you’re interesting and worth ranking.

This means they are also shareable - free advertising? Yes please!

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CBA animated.

Commonwealth Bank

A partnership with NDIS & CSIRO

Commonwealth Bank asked us to build a video to raise awareness of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and how they are making it easier for recipients to access their account information. Working with our video partners, we created a combination of video and animated graphics to explain the story. Fatima was our creation and we love her!

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Some examples

Animate now.

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Animated videos are a perfect addition to a presentation or to explain concepts when you're not there to present.

Perfect for:

  • Building a clear story
  • "How to" communications
  • To launch a campaign.
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