By Presentation Studio

October 31, 2016

15 reasons to use an Explainer Video this festive season

The holiday season is fast approaching and everyone is racing to stay front-of-line with their clients, audience, teams and network. It’s that crucial time of the year to be noticed for all the right reasons.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the crowd and personally connect with your audience’s limited attention span? 

Now more than ever, video needs to be a priority
to maximise opportunity.

Create an Explainer Video and experience the difference. A fantastic engagement tool, an Explainer Video is a video presentation that removes complexity from your message, making it easy to understand and memorable for your audience.

A perfect opportunity to demonstrate _??what do you do_??, _??what services you offer_?? or _??why should I choose you_??, Explainer Videos successfully strike an emotional chord with the audience and positively influence their decisions. 

It is no wonder 96%
of B2B organisations use video for
marketing and 73% report a positive ROI

Here’re our top 15 reasons why an Explainer Video will accelerate your vision and your business;

  1. By 2017, 69% of all online traffic will be video content

  2. Conversion increases by 80% when a video is included on the landing page

  3. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video

  4. 59% of senior executives prefer videos over text

  5. Videos impact ROI, 90% of users find them helpful in making a decision

  6. 75% of executives watch _??work related videos at least once a week_??

  7. Including animated video in EDMs increases your click rates by a whopping 200-300%

  8. Emails with videos are shared more, as they speak directly to the audience’s emotions

  9. Using story, voice and animation makes videos personal and compelling

  10. Explainer Videos intensify brand engagement with a personal connect

  11. Video content can be truly diverse and unique to your offering

  12. Share videos for internal use to boost employee engagement and educate sales teams

  13. Videos can transform the most complex topics and convey it simply and engagingly

  14. Video animations can beautifully transform numbers or graphs

  15. People retain 68% more information from videos than text

Fun Fact

Dropbox’s use of an Explainer Video produced an increase of 10% in
sign-up rate, resulting in an additional $48 million profit a year.

So get festive this season, try something new with Presentation Studio and create an Explainer Video.

Check out this example of an Explainer Video we created to understand what we mean.


Contact Presentation Studio today to create your own Explainer Video.

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