Phase 3: DeliveryPublic Speaking

The final phase in Presentation 360, is our Presentation Delivery (Public Speaking) Workshop.

Our half or one day interactive Public Speaker training workshop will lead you through the vital elements of successful presentation speaking and delivery. Learn to conquer fear and bad habits by gaining a new perspective on the service you provide for your audience.

Learn how to use your personal attributes to your advantage. Warm up tricks to overcome nerves and improve clarity of voice, as well as body gestures and mannerisms that will engage your audience.

Bring your own presentation and learn how to deliver with confidence, conviction and clarity.

You’ve nailed your content, your presentation design supports and enhances your story - it’s now time to deliver with confidence and success.

Perfect for:

  • Beginners who need to increase confidence and impact
  • Seasoned professionals who are looking to learn the latest techniques and build on their experience
  • Anyone who presents

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