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World class education tools to prepare your own presentations, connect with your audience and deliver your ideas with confidence.

Phase 1: Content


Presentation Studio has partnered with Duarte (global presentation leader) to provide exclusive, world-class training through Asia Pacific. This practical, interactive workshop focuses on presentation structure, content, messaging and visual communication - the foundation blocks of creating a powerful presentation for your audience.

Phase 2: Design

PowerPoint Design 101

We provide technical working knowledge of the most useful PowerPoint features as well as practical guidance for creating first-class PowerPoint slides. Participants are taught to “think like a designer”, by learning how to get the most from PowerPoint and discover design 101 principles. This workshop is vital to maximise productivity.

Phase 3: Delivery

Public Speaking

Speaker skills are the final piece of the puzzle. Once you have your presentation ready, we focus on your delivery; voice, posture, movement, gestures and how to overcome nerves. This is the last step to engaging and influencing your audience. Bring your own presentation and learn how to deliver with confidence, conviction and clarity.

Presentation 360 covers the three vital phases of presentation development and delivery: Content, Design and Delivery.

We believe in creating a future where presentations connect individuals with great ideas and a clear vision. Our three phase workshops are created for people who are looking to present successful and memorable presentations with confidence, cut through and results.

Our workshops are hands on and interactive; ideal for managers and executives who write, design and/or deliver presentations and would like to influence their audience.

It's time to learn a new way!

A successful presentation has the power to influence its audience and drive them to action

We provide a full presentation production and training service, designed for people who want to present with impact and confidence in a range of environments including:

  • Keynote Speeches for Events and Roadshows
  • Internal and External Presentations
  • Bids, Pitches, Sales Proposals and Product Launches
  • Change Management and Leadership Presentations
  • Investor and Board Presentations
  • Education and Training

Presentation Studio has joined forces with Duarte to deliver an exclusive world-leading training program through Asia Pacific.

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