Phase 1: ContentVisualstory®

Presentation Studio has partnered with Duarte (global presentation leader) to provide exclusive, world class training through Asia Pacific. Combining story-based content and visual design principles we deliver a hands on, practical workshop based on Duarte’s VisualStory® training course.

Created specifically for businesses who understand the value and ROI of successful presentations and want to create memorable messages and a positive impression with their audience.

Based on Nancy Duarte’s award winning books resonate and slide:ology, VisualStory® workshops share secrets that the greatest communicators use to convey their ideas.

The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations
Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

Clear content is the foundation for all
presentation thinking and planning.

Perfect for:

  • Managers and executives who write, design and/or deliver presentations
  • Pre-conference/roadshow preparation workshops
  • Conference breakout training sessions
  • Sales teams involved in pitching

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