Phase 2: DesignPowerPoint Design 101

We provide a one day (or half day) workshop giving a solid technical working knowledge of the features as well as practical guidance for creating first class PowerPoint slide designs. Participants are taught to “think like a designer”, by learning how to get the most from PowerPoint and learn design 101 principles to apply on their own slides.

Our PowerPoint experts show successful slides, and then demonstrate step by step how to recreate them.

The session is led by our PowerPoint design specialist who guides participants through engaging and practical lessons.

Does your team ‘waste’ precious time creating PowerPoint presentations?

Perfect for:

  • Teams who need to create PowerPoint presentations regularly, and want to know how to design them better and easier
  • Teams needing to improve their technical PowerPoint skills
  • Companies who have just launched a new PowerPoint template
  • Anyone who touches PowerPoint

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